We send books to the following prisons//

Nous envoyons des livres aux prisons suivantes:

Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre

Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre

Niagara Detention Centre


Algoma Treatment and Remand

Federal Training Centre

Grand Valley



3 Comments on “Prisons”

  1. Hilda says:

    I volunteer at Brookside Juvenile Detention Centre in Cobourg, ON. We have an Art Programme at Brookside where youth learn to draw and paint. Interested and loving volunteers join them in this venture. Currently we are working on a project where we are providing 16 canvases for a local Women’s Shelter. Our youth have been painting their favourite cartoon characters on these canvases. We brought in two dozen children’s books for them to use as subject matter. I noticed that the youth really enjoyed going back to the better times of their youth when reading these. Just wondering whether you’ve ever tried to send books to Brookside? If you have tried in the past and failed due to Brookside’s response, I would suggest you try again. Brookside has a new director who would be in favour of what you do.

    Thank you for your commitment to Canada’s youth!!

  2. Jodie Bernard says:

    I live in Hamilton, ON and work in publishing. I have an abundance of new university level books that I could donate but want to do it in a way that does not incur shipping costs. Do you have a donation facility in Hamilton?


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