The Open Door Books collective, based out of QPIRG-Concordia in downtown Montréal, is part of an informal network of Books to Prisoners programs throughout North America.  ODB seeks to support and work in solidarity with imprisoned communities. We believe that prisons and the (in)justice system act as institutions of social control and oppression, further targeting marginalized communities as a result of patriarchy, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism and an ongoing history of colonization.

Open Door Books is a collective comprised entirely of volunteers which seeks to provide free reading material and informational resources to prisoners throughout Canada. Unfortunately, the majority of prisons in Canada have a policy of disallowing prisoners from personally receiving books or other “valuables,” thus preventing us from sending to prisoners on an individual basis. As a result, our collective seeks to form relationships with prison librarians in an effort to stock the prison libraries with relevant and requested books.

Problems faced by ODB include unresponsive librarians, prison restrictions on reading material, and the closure of many libraries throughout parts of year, which deprives prisoners of the ability to access books for three to four months at a time. We receive all our books by donation and invite those with books to donate to get in touch!


Le collectif Livres Accès, basé au GRIP-Concordia au centre ville de Montréal, fait partie d’un réseau informel de programmes de livres aux prisonier-ère-s à travers l’Amérique du Nord. Livres Accès est composée entièrement de bénévoles et reçoit ses livres par donation.

Nous croyons que les livres sont une ressource éducationnelle et peuvent changer des vies. Nous cherchons à fournir des livres gratuits aux aux prisonier-ère-s à travers le Canada. Par contre, la majorité des prisons canadiennes ont une politique qui interdissent aux prisonier-ère-s de recevoir des livres ou autres << objets de valeur >>, qui nous empêche de leurs en envoyer individuellement. Donc notre collectif tente de former des liaisons avec les bibliothécaires de prison afin d’envoyer des boîtes de livres pertinents et demandés par les aux prisonier-ère-s aux bibliothèques des prisons.

Les problèmes que font face à notre collectif incluent: les bibliothécaires indifférent-e-s, la restriction des textes par les prisons, et la fermeture de plusieurs bibliothèques pendant l’année qui prive les aux prisonier-ère-s d’accéder des livres de trois à quatre mois à la fois. Si vous désirez devenir bénévole où faire une donation de livres, contactez nous!


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  1. hi I just this awesome book called show trans.i thought I’d donate it. do you want it? it’s a non fiction novel by elliot del
    in e about him a non binary trans fag. there’s sexually explicit stuff would that get into prison? let me know love Kazek!!☆☆♡♡♡☆☆☆

  2. Hi! I have lots of books to give away and be happy to get them that you think you’d like. I have a variety of subjects. I’m in Montreal.

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